Frost & Sullivan identifica Webhelp come uno dei principali protagonisti dell'innovazione e della crescita nel 2020 European CX Radar

Frost & Sullivan, nota società di ricerca e consulenza a livello globale, ha premiato Webhelp con una posizione di primo piano nel Frost Radar™- CX Outsourcing 2020.

Webhelp si posiziona come leader sia nella crescita che nell’innovazione, guadagnandosi il riconoscimento per la sua vasta gamma di soluzioni verticali, per i suoi efficaci servizi di trasformazione digitale e le soluzioni tecnologiche che, insieme alla sua attività di consulenza Gobeyond Partners, guidano i clienti nel loro percorso di innovazione.

Deepali Sathe, Senior Industry Analyst – Information and Communication Technologies presso Frost & Sullivan ha dichiarato:

“Con la sua attenzione per l’AI, voice e predictive analytics e l’uso di tecnologie avanzate per offrire soluzioni all’avanguardia, Webhelp è in grado di competere efficacemente, mantenendo un ecosistema aperto di partner per spingere sempre di più sull’innovazione”.

L’acceleratore di start-up di Webhelp dedicato alla CX, The Nest by Webhelp, e il focus del gruppo sulla tecnologia contribuiscono fortemente a guidare il cliente attraverso tutte le fasi di sviluppo del progetto di innovazione.

La rapida crescita del gruppo, riconosciuta dalla posizione di primo piano nel Radar, che ha portato Webhelp a diventare leader di mercato in Europa nei servizi di CX Outsourcing e a ottenere un ruolo di rilievo a livello globale, è stata trainata sia dalla crescita organica, sia da acquisizioni strategiche. Oggi, il portfolio dei servizi offerti da Webhelp copre non solo le soluzioni di Customer Engagement, ma un’ampia gamma di competenze aggiuntive come RegTech, digitalizzazione, AI e consulenza. La cultura imprenditoriale è al centro del suo successo e della vision del gruppo, quella di voler rendere il business più umano, attraverso i mezzi e le modalità più adatte ai propri clienti.

Olivier Duha, co-fondatore e CEO di Webhelp ha dichiarato:

“Come azienda guidata da un obiettivo comune, siamo onorati di essere riconosciuti in questa posizione di leader nel Frost Radar™. I nostri team di persone appassionate sono costantemente alla ricerca di modi per fare le cose meglio, per i nostri clienti, per i loro clienti e per la nostra azienda. Cambiare le regole del gioco è una parte fondamentale del nostro DNA, come evidenziato dalle nostre performance relative all’indice di innovazione. Mettendo a disposizione delle nostre persone le migliori tecnologie per consentire loro di fare davvero la differenza, perseguiamo senza sosta il nostro obiettivo: creare esperienze umane straordinarie”.

Il Radar analizza la proposta di valore legata alla Crescita, all’Innovazione e alla Leadership. L’analisi valuta oltre 1000 fornitori sulla base di dieci criteri chiave come la scalabilità dell’innovazione, customer alignment, vision e strategia. Ogni azienda viene poi valutata in base all’efficacia in questi ambiti per determinare il proprio posizionamento per guidare la crescita futura.

Rising to travellers’ expectations for the future of travel

What was once a favourite pastime is now looking very different due to this year’s events of COVID-19. Traveller behaviour has rapidly changed, with many opting to not take a trip at all this year. It has changed our ways of thinking towards travel, leading to historic transformation in organisations and society.

In 2019, the number of passengers boarded by the global airline industry reached over 4.5 billion people. At the beginning of 2020, this all changed. Travel unsurprisingly came to a halt due to coronavirus. The total number of flights began to decline by over 60%, according to Flightradar24 racking statistics. This was due to the nature of the virus, forcing governments to ground planes and stop all unnecessary travel.

Government guidelines progressively relaxed in June, allowing travel and leisure activities to resume and get back to some form of ‘normality’ to revive the economy. However, according to IATA, there wasn’t a significant improvement in passenger demand due to the lockdown and quarantine in some markets  with August’s traffic performance the industry’s worst-ever summer season: August international passenger demand plummeted 88.3% compared to August 2019.”

Rising to traveller’s expectations

Getting on a plane and travelling the world is not top of everyone’s bucket list at this moment in time. People are not travelling like they did before the pandemic. The uncertainty of ‘wave two’ is causing many people to become frustrated and emotionally unsettled for the future. And with markets imposing quarantine rules, it has impacted travellers wanting to go abroad altogether.

Travel is recognised as a sense of escapism – now fraught with concerns that were not always top of mind before: cleaning procedures, hygiene, or what places to visit.
Webhelp’s Travel & Mobility Sector Lead, Nora Boros states from our previous article “No matter what kind of trip is being taken, travel clients go through a myriad of emotions before, during, and after their journey – which will undoubtedly affect their consumer behaviour.”
The first wave of COVID-19 amplified these emotions; undoubtedly affecting consumers behaviours and expectations towards travelling and the industry overall.
Nonetheless, it enables organisations to augment and find alternative ways of transforming their servicing and offer travellers new ways of attaining the pleasure of wanderlust.

Health and safety are at the forefront of travelling now more than ever. Passengers are more inquisitive about hygiene policies and what exactly the process looks like before, during, and after flying – the same goes for domestic travel.

It’s not surprising many people have opted to not travel, go on a staycation, or save their plans for a trip in 2021. A Euronews poll surveyed four European countries – Germany, France, Italy, and Spain to identify travel plans which showed a comparison pre-COVID and now. Respondents from all countries had over a 60% decrease in travelling abroad, an average 50% increase in no travelling while domestic travelling stayed consistent between 24%-40%. A Statista survey showed “one third of respondents in the United Kingdom planned to spend their annual leave on holidays in the UK if travel abroad was still difficult due to lockdown restrictions. Over a quarter of respondents expected to spend more time at home.”

Travel influencing new ways of working

Although spending more time at home allows people to have time with their families and make more time for themselves, many people have had to shift to work from home trying to find and maintain a work-life-balance.

These changes have affected people’s behaviours concerning their place of work, inspiring people to seek alternative travel possibilities such as work from home, but anywhere.

“As we continue to adapt to the new ways of working, our work lives become more flexible”, Nora Boros states in our future of travel blog, “leisure travel will become blended with business needs, giving more consideration than ever to the concept of ‘Bleisure’.”

Introducing hybrid models of flexible working allows colleagues to work from home, the office or anywhere in the world. This could open-up longer trips for travellers who want to stay somewhere with office space, or result in an increase of international mobility for organisations to implement.

Webhelp has used the flexible working approach, Webhelp Anywhere with several clients to ensure the safety of colleagues while positively achieving business continuity. We have supported clients with their digital transformation strategy by identifying quick-wins and sustainable long-term objectives to phase through the crisis and transition into the new normal.

As we continue to phase through these uncertain times, it is an opportunity to invest in digital and operational transformation capabilities and become a differentiator in the market, as this will play a key role in helping travellers feel safe in their future travels.

Interested to learn more about these changes and travellers’ expectations for the future?

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Recommerce on the surge: Why second-hand stores are booming

Why is recommerce on the rise? and why are marketplaces such as VINTED, thredUP or Poshmark thriving in this business model? Is it just trendy, cost effective, sustainable or a mix of all these that explains the current surge? Tomorrow’s personalization and customer journeys are expected to be even smarter, more immersive, more trust-enabling than they are today. The question is: Are brands and consumers ready? Here is an analysis from Olivier Carrot, Global Business Unit Direct, Retail & E-commerce.

Olivier Carrot - Recommerce

So which are some of the factors that have contributed to this increase?

  • Rise in the use of mobile devices. The accessibility of mobile devices globally has essentially contributed to the growth of e-commerce thanks to the increased reach which has consequently increased the sales. According to Aaron Orendorff – Forbes Top 10 B2B Content Marketer, e-commerce has helped businesses launch beyond borders reaching out to millions of new potential customers. By 2023, an increase of 276.9% in the total global sales in retail is projected with APAC taking the lead (source:
    The easy accessibility of mobile phones and internet has definitely elevated the demand of recommerce as a service. This surge has seen many start- ups joining the bandwagon to not only meet the growing demand but also to take advantage of the efficiency and scalability that marketplaces provide.
    Through the creation of an application that links second-hand products to customers, VINTED has grown from being owned by its two co-founders Milda and Justas to an organization that employs more than 450 people and unites a community of 25 million people.
  • Personalized customer experiences. In reference to platforms like VINTED, personalized services that match customers preferences are highly sought after. Customers want to feel valued and there is no better way than to offer a personalized experience. Even though many consumers are in search of products being offered at discounted or affordable prices, they will not compromise on the experience. Brands are thus competing not only on price but also on offering the most memorable experience to their customers.
  • Old is new again. Founded in 2009 as a swapping company for men’s shirts’ thredUP is a huge consumer marketplace that flaunts over 35,000 brands. In one of his keynotes, CEO and co-founder James Reinhart forecasts sales of upto $51 billion from the second-hand apparel market by 2023 (source
    In reality, people buy twice as many clothes and wear them half as long. If one can buy a branded item for half the price of the new, why not? There is a growing trend to transform consumption through reuse. And so as to keep up with the changing environment in the retail industry, integrating a resale option in traditional retail outlets is seen to boost the overall sales. Customers are sparked to spend 21% more and visit 70% more frequently. James attributes the massive increase in the visiting percentage to the fact that second hand collection is restocked every two weeks whereas in the traditional format, new collection arrives between four to six times a year (source:
  • Cost friendly. Pocket friendly purchases is a big driver in the recommerce boom. Customers are increasingly seeing the value in buying recycled brand-name products for huge discounts. “Recommerce has seen a tremendous upsurge” says Steven Bethell, founder of Bank & Vogue – a firm that specializes in the logistics of selling used goods and operates a sister company called Beyond Retro. Prior to making a purchase, many shoppers aquent themselves with the resale possibilities of items they wish to buy with the plan to resell them in the near future. The retail industry is seeing a continued shift with the majority of consumers shopping smarter.
  • Sustainability. The new affluent generations like the Gen Z are more environmental and social conscious and as such, they expect brands to be more ethical and sustainable in their production processes. Fashion brands that have this audience as their customer base, are obliged to revamp their business models to be able to not only attract but most definitely also retain this segment.
    VINTED is one such brand. By investing on its brand ethos which is providing a platform for purchasing and selling of second-hand clothes. These clothes reduce the environmental impact of Co2 levels that are usually released in the production of new clothes (think water, chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides). In addition, it prolongs the shelf life of clothes that would otherwise head to the dumping sites in one or two years. It’s estimated that 600 kilograms of used clothes would lead to a reduction of 2250 kilograms of Co2 emissions, 3.6 billion liters of water saved, and 144 trees planted. (

At Webhelp, our clients are at the heart and our core objective is to ensure that their customers experience world class service in every touchpoint. The creation and upholding of a sustainable environment also go hand in hand with what our company stands for.

In our endeavor to always provide seamless interactions, we go the extra mile to guarantee that customers’ needs are met. We focus on making the purchase process in the marketplaces as simple and fulfilling as possible 

Our flawless and memorable customer journey from order management to returns and replacements is swiftly executed with our dedicated service specialist who are located globally in the different hubs. 

And thanks to the booming second-hand industry, content management and moderation is also on high demand. Ever thought of outsourcing your content moderation? Our highly experienced offshore content moderators ensure that our clients’ brands are duly protected across their target audience. We support our clients’ to not only maintain their brand integrity, but also to shield their customers from inappropriate, aggressive or illegal content.  

Are you looking for an experienced partner who will help you take your marketplace to the next level? Get in touch to receive your tailormade solution: Olivier Carrot.

Essere un'azienda people-first durante una pandemia

La pandemia di Coronavirus ha avuto un impatto profondo sul modo in cui viviamo e lavoriamo, costringendo le organizzazioni ad adattarsi rapidamente ad una nuova realtà. In qualità di azienda orgogliosa di mettere le persone al centro, la nostra priorità sarà sempre quella di mantenere le nostre persone al sicuro. Questo approccio, insieme alla nostra rapida trasformazione dei modelli di home working, ha mostrato la nostra agilità e adattabilità, consentendoci di continuare a crescere e raggiungere i nostri obiettivi nonostante le sfide di quest’anno.

Proteggere le nostre persone

Webhelp si impegna a rendere il business più umano, e le nostre persone sono fondamentali per raggiungere questo obiettivo.

A febbraio, siamo entrati nel periodo COVID con un incredibile team di quasi 56.000 Webhelpers, sempre disposti a fare la differenza nella vita dei clienti dei nostri clienti e nelle loro comunità locali. In poche settimane oltre il 70% dei nostri team lavorava da remoto, con tutte le attrezzature e i protocolli adeguati per garantire attività sicure e regolamentate. Grazie a un incredibile lavoro di squadra, in poco tempo abbiamo creato nuove risorse digitali per i team leader, in modo da supportare le operazioni di home working attraverso nuovi modelli di comunicazione. Così abbiamo anche aiutato tutti i nostri Webhelpers a cambiare abitudini e comportamenti nel loro nuovo ambiente di lavoro.

Da aprile a giugno, abbiamo consegnato più di 650.000 mascherine ai nostri colleghi. Laddove i siti vengono riaperti progressivamente e con cautela, continuiamo a difendere la salute dei nostri colleghi attraverso la consegna di mascherine, migliaia di litri di disinfettante per le mani e attività di pulizia extra.

Supportare i nostri clienti

Abbiamo continuato a lavorare come partner di fiducia per i nostri clienti, adattando i loro modelli di lavoro alle nuove esigenze. Grazie alla nostra esperienza con l’home working tramite INVIRES, ci siamo trovati pronti e in grado di mantenere un alto livello di qualità del servizio per i clienti attuali, e supportarne di nuovi nell’avvio di progetti start-up.

L’introduzione di nuove soluzioni tecnologiche è stata essenziale per fornire soluzioni di home working di successo, soprattutto per i clienti che lavorano in ambienti altamente regolamentati. Abbiamo costruito e progettato un servizio di pagamento completamente PCI compliant anche all’interno degli spazi di home working, rispettando i protocolli adottati on site.

Offrire opportunità di crescita

In questa situazione di emergenza, la nostra resilienza è stata fondamentale. Abbiamo continuato a fornire un servizio eccellente ai nostri clienti e ai loro clienti, e ad acquisirne di nuovi lungo la strada.

Ora abbiamo accolto 6.000 nuove persone nella famiglia Webhelp, alcune delle quali non sono mai state in uno dei nostri uffici, gestendo il recruitment, l’onboarding e il training a distanza. Nella region Asia-Pacific abbiamo aumentato il nostro organico del 45% dal 1° gennaio 2020, e continuiamo ad espandere le nostre attività in diverse location all’interno di quest’area.

Consideriamo il nostro servizio indipendente da qualsiasi area geografica. Muovendoci rapidamente e in modo flessibile, siamo stati in grado di stabilire contact center completamente virtuali che forniscono un servizio che supera costantemente le aspettative in termini di first contact resolution, touchpoint net promoter score e coinvolgimento dei dipendenti.

Il futuro si muove verso nuovi modelli ibridi, prendendo il meglio di entrambi i mondi, con i nostri hub locali che agiscono come centri di eccellenza per fornire strumenti, coaching e training a supporto delle persone in home working.

Questa crisi ha costretto le organizzazioni ad adattarsi e a ripensare al modo in cui forniscono servizi. I nostri clienti, vecchi e nuovi, continuano a fare affidamento su di noi per operare in modo sicuro, rapido e resiliente.

Scopri il programma Work Abroad di Webhelp 

Mobilità internazionale significa opportunità anche nei momenti più difficili

In quanto azienda people-first, non solo cerchiamo di divertirci ogni giorno, ma anche di ascoltare i nostri colleghi per capire come supportarli nella loro crescita professionale. Trasferirsi in un nuovo paese per iniziare una carriera internazionale è sempre una grande sfida, soprattutto durante una crisi globale.
L’innovazione fa parte del nostro DNA. Ecco perché abbiamo deciso di rendere la mobilità internazionale un’esperienza ancora possibile, sicura e piacevole! Abbiamo sviluppato il nostro programma Work Abroad pensando a voi, ai nostri colleghi che vogliono esplorare nuove culture e opportunità di carriera, nonché ai futuri Webhelpers che sognano un nuovo inizio.
Il programma Work Abroad si trova nel nostro nuovo
sito web. Perciò, esploriamo insieme le caratteristiche e le funzionalità che ti permetteranno di avvicinarti alla vita che sogni.

Scopri qual è il paese che si avvicina di più alla tua personalità

Incontra il nostro Job Matcher interattivo! Quando entrerai sulla nostra pagina Work Abroad page. la prima cosa che vedrai sarà un quiz molto divertente. Il tuo viaggio inizierà rispondendo a 3 semplici domande. Utilizziamo un algoritmo che abbina la tua personalità al paese più adatto alle tue preferenze e ai tuoi obiettivi professionali. Potresti avere più di un paese adatto a te! Quindi, divertiti e ripeti il quiz tutte le volte che vuoi.

Scopri com’è lavorare nel tuo paese preferito

Ora hai un’idea di dove vorresti vivere i prossimi 12-24 mesi o forse tutta la tua vita. Allora, facciamo un breve viaggio insieme nella tua destinazione preferita!
Come game-changers, abbiamo condotto un sondaggio coinvolgendo colleghi, ex colleghi e dipendenti di altre aziende. Perché? Per avere un’idea reale di cosa significhi lavorare nel paese che vorresti chiamare casa.
La sezione della destinazione da te scelta include il sentiment complessivo dei dipendenti all’interno di una determinata regione. Inoltre qui troverai anche le posizioni aperte di Webhelp nel paese che preferisci.
Abbiamo raccolto dati da diverse fonti affidabili, e consigliamo un budget mensile basato sul tuo stipendio in relazione al costo della vita nel paese da te scelto. In questo modo, potrai organizzare al meglio la tua vita nella nuova città.

Avventurati nella tua città preferita!

Conoscere un nuovo paese è fantastico. Per fornirti informazioni accurate e pertinenti, abbiamo lavorato a stretto contatto con persone che vivono nelle città in cui operiamo.
Ogni contenuto è stato scritto, modificato e rivisto dai membri dei nostri team creativi e delle risorse umane locali, con l’aiuto e il contributo dei nostri Advisor.
È qui che comunichiamo anche le nostre posizioni aperte a livello internazionale. Perciò, quando una posizione disponibile ti sembra perfetta per te, invia la tua candidatura e ti contatteremo entro pochi giorni, se non ore.

Preparati al tuo nuovo stile di vita

Cerchiamo di offrirti una visione realistica di ciò che ti aspetta. Per fare ciò, abbiamo intervistato dozzine di nostri colleghi. In questo modo, avrai un’idea del paese attraverso i loro occhi e le loro esperienze.
Anche i nostri videomaker hanno fatto l’impossibile. Letteralmente! Hanno viaggiato tra i nostri siti per catturare l’atmosfera della città e la cultura dell’azienda. Segui i nostri Webhelpers per entrare in contatto con esperienze autentiche e scoprire alcuni panorami stupendi della loro seconda casa! Per esempio, scopri come Denisz dall’Ucraina lavora e vive a Barcellona.

In caso di dubbio, contatta i nostri ambassador

Ma cosa succede se sei ancora indeciso sulla tua destinazione? I nostri colleghi di tutto il mondo saranno felici di rispondere alle tue domande relative al costo della vita, al trasferimento, alle posizioni aperte e a molto altro.
Abbiamo anche adottato un approccio unico attraverso la nostra sezione FAQ. Dal momento che mettiamo le nostre persone al primo posto, abbiamo diviso le nostre domande più frequenti in 3 sezioni: la tua vita, la tua carriera e la tua avventura.

Rimani sintonizzato su Meet Webhelpers

Sosteniamo una cultura del lavoro coinvolgente e crediamo che i nostri Webhelpers siano i migliori ambassador dei nostri valori. Per questo sarà presto disponibile sul blog la nuova sezione “la persona prima del lavoro”. Scopri cosa significa far crescere la tua carriera insieme a noi e come avere successo anche nei momenti più difficili, tutto questo dal punto di vista dei Webhelpers!
Negli ultimi 20 anni siamo cresciuti in circostanze difficili e abbiamo cercato di aiutare le nostre persone a raggiungere i propri obiettivi. Nonostante l’attuale pandemia, sappiamo che la mobilità internazionale è fondamentale per la crescita aziendale e la soddisfazione dei dipendenti. Ti invitiamo a esplorare le nostre opportunità all’estero e a sognare più che mai!

Webhelp “Think Human”

Webhelp rings in its next phase of strategic development with new brand

Paris-headquartered Webhelp, the European leader in customer experience and business solutions, today revealed its revamped brand platform, supported by an updated visual identity.

The group’s new brand reunites the strengths of its collaborators in 36 countries today and plays a key role in its ambitions to grow to a global leadership position.

The group’s new vision of “making business more human” is founded strongly on Webhelp’s existing company culture, as well as the role enterprises play in society and the rising desire of consumers to create emotional connections with the brands they engage with. No matter the activity in business, people are involved and therefore are the main focus of Webhelp’s brand.

“At Webhelp we truly believe if you focus on the person in front of you, suddenly everything comes alive” explains Olivier Duha, co-founding President. “this holds for each connection built between a brand and a consumer, but just as strongly between employer and employee, client and provider. Helping hard things become easy takes empathy and imagination

The new brand identity, which has been built inside-out, in partnership with the brand experts at FutureBrand, showcases a warm, welcoming and vibrant visual system and color palette, and reflects the group’s people-first culture and game-changing mentality. Providing services to thousands of clients across the world with a wide range of Customer Experience and Business Solutions, the group puts its clients at the heart of its all its activities, thus forming true and lasting partnerships.

Frédéric Jousset, co-founding President adds: “over the years we have continuously invested heavily in both enabling and matching our clients’ needs to technologically innovative solutions, as well as our people. We feel embracing technology is key, and it’s the people that deploy these tools that make the difference and take the experience to the next level.”

“We are truly excited to reveal the new face of Webhelp, which better expresses who we are to the world, following an intense project of close to a year. We have engaged with stakeholders from all areas and levels of our business and believe we have created a vision and brand that’s built to last, as is shown through the enthusiasm of our new future shareholders at GBL regarding the outcomes of the project.” States Sandrine Asseraf, Group Secretary General.

About to celebrate its 20th anniversary, having grown from a challenger to top player in Europe, both through organic growth and acquisitions, Webhelp aims to maintain and accelerate its performance through its redefined vision and mission, together with the strong collaboration of its investment partners. Webhelp is currently in the final stages of negotiations with GBL as new investment partner, stepping in for KKR, and expects to announce the closing of the deal before the end of the year, after obtaining the regulatory authorizations required.


Making business more human for the world’s most exciting brands

We live in an era of fast connectivity and AI. Today, human experiences have even more power to make businesses come to life in customers’ hearts and minds.

Webhelp is committed to making business more human.
It’s through this commitment that Webhelp enriches customer experience, and designs business solutions that create value for the world’s most exciting companies.

Webhelp is a partner across a range of services including customer experience solutions, social media moderation through to payment services.

Hundreds of brands across the world trust Webhelp because of their people, the culture they work in, and the ideas and technology they put to work.

Webhelp believes that Emotional Intelligence creates a lasting impact, and their skill in marrying a differentiating human touch to the right technology is what makes a real difference for their clients.

By choosing Webhelp they access the passion and experience of 50,000 game-changers from more than 140 locations in 36 countries. Each one determined to bring their own intelligence, empathy and experience to the table every day. Webhelp invests in people and the environment they work in, because they know that when people thrive, it has a powerful impact on them, their customers and on their partners’ business.

Webhelp believes that making business more human leads to a better customer experience - and a healthier bottom line.

Webhelp is the European leader in their industry, with a revenue of €1,4B in 2018, and aims for a global leadership position. Webhelp is currently owned by its management and KKR, a leading global investment firm, as of March 2016.

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert enters into exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of the Webhelp group

GBL announces today it has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire a majority stake in the Webhelp group, together with its co-founding shareholders, Olivier Duha and Frédéric Jousset, who would retain their role as founding executive directors, and its management team.

Founded in 2000, Webhelp is today one of the world's leading providers of customer experience and business process outsourcing (BPO). The group has doubled in size since the KKR acquisition in 2015 and aims to achieve a turnover of €1.5 billion in 2019. Webhelp develops innovative solutions combining consulting services, technological solutions and omni-channel processing capabilities thanks to its
55 000 employees in more than 35 countries. This performance is the result of an organic and external growth strategy that GBL aims to maintain and accelerate together with the strong collaboration of the co-founders and management.

As a result of this transaction, GBL would acquire a majority stake in Webhelp on the basis of an enterprise value of €2.4 billion.

It is expected that the legal documentation will be signed by the beginning of August for completion, after obtaining regulatory authorizations for use, within the course of Q4 2019.

Ian Gallienne, CEO of GBL, said: "We are enthusiastic to become a partner to Olivier Duha, Frédéric Jousset and the Management team in continuing the successful development of Webhelp, supporting the transition from a European Champion to a Global Leader. This transaction is consistent with GBL’s announced objective to increase its exposure to private assets.”

Olivier Duha and Frédéric Jousset, said: “We thank KKR for its investment over the past 4 years and we welcome with confidence GBL in order to write together a new growth and investment phase. The management team has chosen to surround itself with a shareholder renowned for its longstanding support to companies with international ambitions such as Webhelp.”

Stanislas de Joussineau, Director at KKR said: "We are proud to have been a partner for Olivier Duha, Frederic Jousset and the outstanding management team at Webhelp over the last four years to create one of the leading global business process outsourcers. During our ownership, Webhelp has doubled its revenues to €1.5 billion and increased its number of employees globally from 30,000 to over 50,000. We believe the company is strongly positioned for future growth and we wish Webhelp and GBL every continued success."



About Groupe Bruxelles Lambert

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert ("GBL") is an established investment holding company, listed on the stock exchange for over sixty years and with an indicative net asset value of EUR 19 billion and a market capitalization of EUR 14 billion at the end of June 2019. GBL is a leading investor in Europe, focused on long-term value creation and relying on a stable and supportive family shareholder base. GBL strives to maintain a high quality, diversified portfolio of global companies, leaders in their sectors, with whom it can contribute to value creation as an active professional investor. GBL seeks to offer its shareholders an attractive return, resulting in a sustainable dividend and growth in its revalued net assets.

GBL is listed on Euronext Brussels (Ticker: GBLB BB; ISIN code: BE0003797140) and is part of the BEL20 index.

About Webhelp

Webhelp is a global business process outsourcer (BPO), specialising in customer experience and payment services in addition to sales and marketing services across voice, social and digital channels.

From more than 150 sites in 36 countries with an approximately 50,000-strong team, our focus is on engineering performance improvements and delivering a real and lasting transformation in our clients’ operating models to generate financial advantage. We partner with some of the world’s most progressive brands including Sky, Shop Direct, Bouygues, Direct Energie, KPN, Vodafone, La Redoute, Michael Kors and Valentino.

Headquartered in Paris, France, the company has grown its revenues by more than 250% in the last 4 years by investing in its people, the environment they work in and developing its analytical and operating capability to deliver a transformational outsourcing proposition that addresses the challenges of an omni-channel world.

More information can be found at

About KKR

KKR is a leading global investment firm that manages multiple alternative asset classes, including private equity, energy, infrastructure, real estate and credit, with strategic partners that manage hedge funds. KKR aims to generate attractive investment returns for its fund investors by following a patient and disciplined investment approach, employing world-class people, and driving growth and value creation with KKR portfolio companies. KKR invests its own capital alongside the capital it manages for fund investors and provides financing solutions and investment opportunities through its capital markets business. References to KKR’s investments may include the activities of its sponsored funds. For additional information about KKR & Co. Inc (NYSE: KKR), please visit KKR’s website at and on Twitter @KKR_Co.

Webhelp’s market expansion strategies in the contact centre outsourcing market earn it accolades from Frost & Sullivan

Webhelp's keen focus on agile customer experience (CX) solutions has helped it grow across Europe in an intensely competitive market

Based on Webhelp’s successful growth strategy across Europe, Frost & Sullivan has recognised the company with the 2018 European Market Leadership Award in contact centre outsourcing.
Over the course of several years, Webhelp has diversified its industry focus to include expertise in healthcare, travel, and B2B services. It also has expanded its geographic footprint to cover eastern and southern Europe. When it comes to Europe, Webhelp currently has multi-lingual hubs in Prague, Athens, Lisbon, Barcelona, Enschede, Kuala Lumpur, and Berlin. All told, the company will soon have some 50,000 employees working in 35 countries across the globe, and total revenues should be close to US $1.5 billion.

As a business partner, Webhelp assists clients in providing a next-level customer experience (CX) through advanced analytics, omni-channel technologies, and, above all, its people engagement approach. It works strategically with clients to help improve the CX by producing a comprehensive single view of the customer. And the company regularly reviews its initiatives for commercial viability and the impact they will have on the overall CX by employing analytical methodologies including customer journey mapping, demand management, customer segmentation, and employee satisfaction.

“The founders of Webhelp have long embraced an entrepreneurial philosophy,” said Frost & Sullivan digital experience analyst Stephen Loynd. “This is a company that continues to emphasize a start-up philosophy, that prides itself on being agile and exceptionally easy to work with. Along the way, Webhelp has established a reputation as a Customer Experience provider that acts as an authentic business partner to clients, which in turn helps enterprises push the limits of the CX through multichannel solutions.”

Webhelp’s particular focus on tracking customer effort is also noteworthy in a highly competitive space. The company is practiced at measuring both Customer Effort Score (CES) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) on many client programs. From Frost & Sullivan’s perspective, this kind of approach is what helps make the typical Webhelp client customer ownership experience exemplary. At the same time, it’s clear the company understands that analysing customer journeys across any medium is essential to offer an effective multichannel customer management solution.

"Even as Webhelp scales its core business, it has a pulse on the manner in which technology is changing the way consumers interact with brands,” added Loynd. “Underlining its commitment to next-generation CX, the company has partnered with Recast.AI to develop personalised chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Webhelp’s brand strength derives from the way it has skillfully negotiated a fast-changing BPO landscape and stayed focused on the essentials of the CX at a time of exponential change.”

Finally, for Webhelp, keeping pace with today’s accelerating pace of techno-consumerism means ensuring business continuity and data integrity. It accomplishes this with IT infrastructure and a technology ecosystem that are focused on business consistency across all operations.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan bestows this award upon the company that demonstrates excellence in growth and customer value. Turning loyal customers into brand advocates for clients allows the company to grow and achieve a market leadership position. This award recognises the company that successfully increases market share over time, an accomplishment achieved through a demonstrated commitment to client relationships.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognise companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.


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Webhelp group agrees to acquire Sellbytel in transformational transaction

Acquisition strengthens Webhelp’s position in the European CRM BPO Market


Webhelp Group
, a leading global BPO and customer experience company, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of Sellbytel Group. Sellbytel is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC).

By joining forces with Sellbytel, Webhelp expands its geographic footprint in Europe, and adds an extensive list of international brands and value-added services to its portfolio. Following this acquisition, Webhelp Group forecasts a turnover of €1,3 billion for the end of 2018, supported by a team of 50.000 people, serving over 500 clients, in 35 countries.

Sellbytel’s Barcelona office provides best in class multilingual operations with around 4,000 people working in more than 20 languages.  This expertise has been extended to Kuala Lumpur and Puerto Rico as multilingual hubs serving the APAC region and the Americas.

In addition to its complementary geographical footprint and multilingual expertise, Sellbytel enhances Webhelp’s service portfolio in several strategic areas such as end-to-end solutions in B2B Sales and Support activities, as well as an innovative work-from-home model which currently employs over 500 people working for various clients.

As part of Webhelp, Sellbytel will be able to build upon its strong expertise as a CRM BPO provider and will have access to a large variety of additional capabilities, an extensive geographical footprint adding nearshore capabilities for its clients, as well as expertise in areas like AI, analytics, omnichannel platforms, and specialized services provided by subsidiaries of Webhelp such as Telecats, Netino, and Webhelp Payment Services.

Olivier Duha and Frederic Jousset, Webhelp’s cofounders said, “This acquisition is not only a major step to strengthen our position in Europe, it is also a fantastic opportunity to broaden our service portfolio and our geographical coverage. After 18 years of uninterrupted growth, Webhelp is building upon its position as a leader in the CRM BPO industry. The fit with Sellbytel’s management has been a major strength supporting this deal and definitely has us excited about building this future together.”  

Michael Raum, founder of Sellbytel added, “We are proud of what’s been accomplished over the last 25 years with our partners at Omnicom and are very excited about our future with Webhelp. Sellbytel management is excited to team up with one of the most successful companies in our sector. Our cultural fit and our shared vision are key elements for our future success.”

Sellbytel management will continue to be strongly involved in the future growth of the company and will provide continuity for the company’s clients while also being able to provide a more comprehensive range of services. Webhelp and Sellbytel expect to derive significant synergies from the transaction thanks to the enhanced expertise and capabilities of the combined group, through cross-pollination of services, and access to new regions and nearshoring models.

Moving forward, Webhelp’s strategy is to continue to grow both organically and through acquisition over the coming years, both in terms of geographical expansion and the addition of new capabilities.

The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2018, subject to approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.



Sellbytel Group is a provider of outsourced sales, service and support with operations in 28 centers across Spain, Germany, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Malaysia. More information can be found at