Webhelp culture

What is the company’s vision for its employees?

We are a global community of passionate, fun-loving people who thrive on making a difference on behalf of the world’s most exciting brands. We put our people at the center of everything we do, and we give them the resources to make the most of their time with us.

What are the company’s values? How are the values lived out on a daily basis?

“We strive to stay true to our people-first company values every day:

Commitment: We keep our word, and we deliver on every promise we make to each other, to our clients, and their customers.
Unity: We go further, faster together. Teamwork is vital to us. It’s how we’ll achieve our big goals, and make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable.
Integrity: We treat others as we like to be treated. Whether we’re dealing with our clients or with each other, we do things in a fair and positive way.
Recognition: At Webhelp, we give each other the recognition we deserve. Because from Board Director to Customer Advisor, we all make a vital contribution to our collective success.
WOW: We believe in the power of “”WOW.”” We go the extra mile to help each other, our clients, and their customers. “”WOW”” sets us apart and makes Webhelp an amazing place to work.”

What is it like working at Webhelp?

What is working at Webhelp really like? Experience our office life by watching the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZDA3wniH7g

How does Webhelp support employees’ well-being?

Through the WebHEALTH well-being programme, we lead many initiatives that focus on the physical and mental health of our people. Examples include our annual Kilometer Challenge, in which we cover many kilometers together, and the WeCare initiative which helps employees feel comfortable in their own skin. In addition, we are fully committed to growth and develpment. Many colleagues who now hold management positions within Webhelp started out in a Customer Advisor role. This is typical of our organization. Through coaching, training, and education, we offer our employees the opportunity to evolve their careers at Webhelp.

What is Webhelp’s approach to feedback and transparancy?

Feedback is a large part of the Webhelp culture. We believe it contributes to transparency within our teams and creates an authentic working environment where everyone’s contributions and suggestions are welcomed and valued.

What are you looking for in a potential candidate?

At Webhelp, we believe in everyone’s potential. Our global community of passionate game-changers comes from a variety of backgrounds. From students and parents to interns and executive professionals, each of us brings something unique to the table. We are a #PeopleFirst company, which is why our job requirements have some flexibility, as long as our values align.

Will I be working in a contact center?

Webhelp provides worldwide customer service for some of the world’s most exciting brands. Whether you are a Customer Advisor, team manager, client director, or CEO, you will work in a modern environment with the nicest colleagues!

What should I expect of my work in a contact center?

Working as a Customer Advisor can be very fulfilling, but still keep you on your toes. It requires you to think both creatively and analytically to solve the customer’s problem. Although the work you do will depend on your role and experience, the most important thing is adding value to your customer’s experience. The hard & soft skills you learn on the job will serve you in your future career.

Is there a dress code at Webhelp Netherlands?

We do not have a specific dress code. However, we encourage our employees to dress appropriately for an office environment. As long as you are considerate of your colleagues and visiting clients, you are free to wear what you feel comfortable in.

What are you doing in terms of ESG (CSR)?

Environmental, social, and corporate governance, or ESG, is a very important topic for us. Visit https://webhelp.com/nl/esg/ to learn more about our ESG efforts and keep an eye out on our Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/webhelpnl/) for regular updates.

What is Think Human Foundation?

Think Human Foundation was founded in 2020 by Webhelp Group and Olivier Duha, CEO and co-founder of Webhelp. The organization is an extension of Webhelp’s SHARED Foundation, established in France in 2016 to support people through employment and integration opportunities. For more information on our initiatives, please visit our Think Human Foundation website https://thinkhumanfoundation.org/about-us/.

What is impact sourcing?

Impact Sourcing is the practice of hiring high potential but disadvantaged people in order to reintegrate them into society. This is more than a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Rather, it is a business model that can help organizations meet and exceed their quality and staffing objectives. By employing people who have limited opportunities, often from low-income areas, companies can contribute to the well-being of their business, people, and local communities. Webhelp is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, and welcomes employees from all walks of life.

Webhelp benefits

How can I accrue pension?

It is not yet possible to accrue a pension through Webhelp. We are working hard to provide a pension accrual option in our new WFC Collective Bargaining Agreement. As of July 1, 2023, we will implement a plan that will allow you to build up your pension.

Do you work through a staffing partner? If so, you will accrue a pension in accordance with the ABU-CAO conditions.

What benefits does Webhelp Netherlands offer?

We understand that flexibility is important for our people. At Webhelp, you will have the opportunity to work part-time.

Does Webhelp Netherlands offer part-time jobs?

We understand that flexibility is important for our people. At Webhelp, you will have the opportunity to work part-time.

Does Webhelp Netherlands offer work-from-home jobs?

Many of our vacancies offer a combination of work-from-home and on-site. Often, this is mentioned in the vacancy. If it is not clear, ask your recruiter about the possibilities.

Does Webhelp Netherlands offer entry-level positions?

We regularly post job openings for positions other than Customer Advisor. Keep an eye on our job posting page (https://jobs.webhelp.com/nl) for these.

Does Webhelp have an employee referral program?

Through Webhelp’s employee referral program, MATCH, you can recommend friends, family, or acquaintances. If they come work for us, you will receive:

€150 net when the person you referred has been employed for 1 month
€100 net when the person you referred reaches the 3-month mark
€100 net when the person you referred has been employed for 6 months

Is it possible to work on weekends?

Yes, many teams will allow you to work on weekends. Each team has its own operating hours.

What are my working conditions?

You can review all Webhelp terms of employment here.

Application and recruitment process

Do I need a degree to work as a Customer Advisor?

You can join Webhelp as a Customer Advisor without specific training. However, there are some teams that require a certain level of education and specific skills.

Does Webhelp hire for roles other than Customer Support?

In addition to Customer Support vacancies, we offer jobs in areas such as HR & Recruitment, ICT, Sales, and Marketing Operations.

When will I be contacted after applying for a job?

Once you submit an application, you will receive a response within 24 to 48 hours on weekdays.

How will Webhelp get in touch with me?

We will first try to contact you by phone. If we cannot get ahold of you, we will leave you a voicemail and send an email.

How long is the recruitment process?

You can apply using the “Apply” button on the job page. Once you submit your application, the steps differ from team to team. Some teams will only do an assessment, while others will require you to become WFT-certified. In general, this is what you can expect from the process:
1. An initial phone interview
2. An assessment (meet & greet, click interview, group assessment)
3. A confirmation email stating that you are accepted
4. Start the training

Can I update my application or change details after submission?

Once you apply, you cannot change your data. If you notice a mistake on your application, please contact our recruiter via the “Contact” option on the vacancy page. They will be able to help.

Do I need to upload a CV with my application?

You don’t need to upload your CV with your application, but the option is there should you choose to use it.

Does Webhelp accept speculative applications?

Yes! Can’t find your desired job in our open vacancies? Then please fill out the contact form.

How can I prepare for my online tests?

You can go over basic grammar and spelling rules prior to the test. Above all, stay calm. You can do this!

What should I expect during an online test?

The test covers situations you will face as a Customer Advisor. Your grammar and spelling skills, English skills, and computer skills will also be tested.

What should I do if I have a technical problem with my application?

For any technical issues with your application, please contact the recruiter using the “Contact” feature on the job page.

Can I apply again at Webhelp if I was rejected?

If you have been rejected for a position, you may still apply for a different role. We will, of course look at the reason for the rejection, but are happy to find a more suitable role for you.

How does Webhelp handle my personal data?

Handling personal data is a priority at Webhelp. We comply with all legally required deletion periods, and your personal data will only be used to process your application. Upon request, our recruitment team can erase your data before the deletion period ends.

How can I send my feedback on the application and recruitment process?

If you would like to provide feedback about your application process, please send an email to Nadia Schonherr at recruitment@nl.webhelp.com. We will respond to your message as soon as possible.

How can I contact a recruiter at Webhelp?

You can contact our recruiters through the “Contact” option on the job page. You are welcome to reach out via phone or e-mail.

Training and career development

How can I grow my career at Webhelp?

We want you to succeed and grow within your career. At Webhelp, you have the opportunity to build on your existing skills and learn new ones. Keep an eye out for projects that interest you and share your passion with your colleagues. Often, there will be room to explore, even if the opportunity is outside of your comfort zone.

What are the advantages of working at Webhelp for my career?

At Webhelp, we have a strong entrepreneurial mentality. As a result, many of our people experience amazing growth. Whether you are just starting out or don’t know where you want to go, we are happy to help you and offer you the right environment and resources to build a long-term career. The communication and technical skills you will acquire while working at Webhelp will serve you on your chosen path.

Does Webhelp offer training and career development courses?

Our Talent platform offers various e-learning & training courses that support customer service employees in their work and provide opportunities for growth within Webhelp and beyond. In order to stay relevant, we provide new courses on a quarterly basis.

When and how do I get paid for my training?

Once you attend 24 hours of training, you will receive payment for your time and efforts.

Is the training material provided by the company?

Yes, we provide the proper training and materials so that you are well prepared to start your career as a Customer Advisor.

How do Webhelp’s leaders guide employees to success?

By providing both professional and interpersonal support, our leaders build a relationship of trust. And they empower our people by offering transparent feedback.

Does Webhelp organize team building activities?

We believe in the concept of “strive to enjoy.” Therefore, we focus on creating experiences that are fun, engaging, and create great connections.


What will be my salary?

Salaries vary from team to team. The minimum salary you can earn as a Customer Advisor is €11.94 gross per hour.

When will my salary be paid out?

If you are employed directly through Webhelp, your salary will be paid around the 20th of each month. If you are employed through an employment agency, this may vary.

Will I get a travel allowence?

If your commute is longer than 10 kilometers (one-way, based on your zip code and taking into consideration the shortest route), you will receive an allowance for commuting expenses. You can also claim travel expenses for public transportation.

Will I get vacation pay?

You are entitled to a vacation allowance of 8% of your gross annual salary.

What is the allowance amount for remote workers?

The home office allowance is €2.13 net per day. This includes the following costs: electricity consumption, water consumption, gas consumption, coffee/tea, toilet paper, and depreciation of your own desk & chair.

If you can use your own laptop, an additional €0.50 net per day will be reimbursed, making the work-from-home daily allowance for full-time employees €2.63.

Will I receive a shift allowance?

If you work between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., you will receive an allowance of 50% of your salary. On holidays, you will receive a 100% allowance for each hour worked.

Financial Supervision Act

What can I expect from a WFT certificate?

The WFT exam is structured as follows: knowledge & understanding, professional behavior, and skill questions. These can be open-ended, multiple choice, calculation, and ranking questions.

I failed my WFT exam. What do I have to do now?

If you did not pass your WFT certification, we will give you the opportunity to retake the module once. If you do not pass the second time, we will try to assign you to a project that does not require the certification.

I passed my WFT exam. What do I do next?

Congratulations! Now you can start working as a Customer Advisor. You will receive proof of certification from the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO).

What is a WFT certificate?

WFT certification is designed to protect customers and ensure that banks, insurers, and others that offer financial services are allowed to give out specialized advice. The certification is required by the Financial Supervision Act.

Why do I need a WFT certificate?

Once you have passed your WFT certification, you will know everything about financial services and be allowed to give advice on matters such as mortgages and health insurance.

How can I get a WFT certificate?

In order to receive your WFT certificate, you will need to complete several modules. We will support you in completing them and obtaining the certificate.


What is a VOG (or certificate of good conduct)?

A VOG certificate proves that your judicial past does not negatively impact your ability to work for Webhelp. When assessing a VOG application, Justis looks at whether you have any criminal offenses that pose a risk to the job you are applying for.

How can I request a VOG?

If you are employed at Webhelp through an agency, you will receive an email from them telling you how to apply for the VOG. If you were hired through our recruitment department, you will receive the same VOG email from the Shared Service Center at Webhelp. Please note that this email may end up in your spam folder.

After receiving the VOG email, you can follow it step-by-step. We ask you to cover the cost of the VOG application once (€33.85), after which you will be reimbursed.

After you apply, the VOG will be sent to you via mail. This can take 1 to 4 weeks. Once you have received it, you must send a digital copy of the certificate (photo or scan) to VOG@nl.webhelp.com.

For questions about the VOG application, please contact VOG@nl.webhelp.com.

Can I return to Webhelp if I previously worked here?

Welcome back! If you worked at Webhelp before and would like to reapply, we are happy to look at the possibilities with you.

What does “weekend rotation” mean?

Weekend rotation means that about once every 4 weeks you will have to work on a Saturday. This way, we can ensure a fair distribution of Saturdays among all colleagues. The frequency of the rotation may differ per client team.

How do you plan my schedule?

We will always discuss your minimum and maximum work availability, and plan your schedule accordingly. Often, there is a 6-hour difference between the minimum and the maximum number of hours requested. For example, you could schedule a minimum of 16 hours and a maximum of 22 hours.

How is my schedule made?

We create your schedule based on your indicated availability. For example, if you are available on Mondays from 07:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m., we might schedule you within your availability timeframe, from 09:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.

Which devices will I receive from work?

Once you’re hired, we will be in touch about sending you a laptop and/or headset. This might differ from team to team. If you have your own computer or laptop, we will work together to see if you can use it for your role at Webhelp.

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