The golden rule for great customer experience is to “treat customers as you would like to be treated”.

I remember I had an elderly customer who was seeking assistance regarding ordering fresh flowers. The fresh flowers were for her husband who was in a care home at the time. She was quite a lovely customer and very talkative. I took my time to listen to her as she was a bit confused thinking she could purchase her fresh flowers from us.

I then took the time to explain to her that I was working for the company who delivers on behalf of the suppliers from where she can purchase some lovely fresh flowers. I provided her with some supplier’s contact details. I advised her about online websites to read more about the flowers as well as to view them online before just purchasing any bunch of flowers.

The customer was very thankful that she got through to me. She couldn’t stop thanking me. This is the kind of experience that makes me appreciate my job because I was able to educate my customer and I knew that she couldn’t go wrong when purchasing those flowers.