Meet our Webhelpers

Here's what life is really like with us

Lucie, Webhelp Portugal

In 2018, I boarded Webhelp—the beginning of a long and beautiful adventure. I started as a customer service advisor. Two years later, I am now a trainer. This "stopover" was filled with challenges and allowed me to become RQF. Today, I accompany the "passengers" of my team and make sure that their performance takes off and stays stable during the "flight." I am proud of the "journey" I have taken and the opportunities that Webhelp provides.

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Rosa, Webhelp Portugal

Almost 5 years at Webhelp in Braga, and I can say that we are a great community. I started as an agent for a short period of time, where I quickly progressed to supervisor, senior supervisor, and now project manager. If you want to grow, Webhelp is the right company. The management invests in its employees and offers them the best opportunities. A company with values and recognition.

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Cristiana, Webhelp Portugal

I started at Webhelp 3 years ago as an agent. Very quickly, I had the opportunity to evolve as an RTA (Real Time Analyst). During that time, I always felt support, unity, and a sense of community. Today I became a Flow Coordinator, and nothing changed. Being here is like being at home. Webhelp is a unique company.

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