Webhelp utökar partnerskap med Allente

STOCKHOLM 5 november 2020

Allente har valt Webhelp för leverans av kundupplevelselösningar inom kundservice, kontaktcenterplattform och lösningsdesign för Canal Digital.

Allente, fusionen mellan Canal Digital och Viasat Consumer, erbjuder högkvalitativa satellit-TV- och bredbands-TV-lösningar till 1,2 miljoner kunder i hela Norden.

Sedan 2010 har Webhelp, en global ledare inom kundupplevelse och affärslösningar, och Allentes varumärke Viasat Consumer utvecklat ett starkt partnerskap av stabil och kommersiellt framgångsrik kundserviceverksamhet.

Webhelp lägger nu till Allentes Canal Digital-kundtjänst på den svenska marknaden i sin omfattande portfölj av nordiska TV / mediekunder.

Webhelp kommer att leverera Canal Digitals kundtjänst på Allentes vägnar genom sin best shoring-verksamhet i Kalmar, Sverige, i Malaga och Alicante, Spanien, samt ett antal medarbetare som arbetar hemifrån. Rekryteringen av nya teammedlemmar har precis börjat.

Vi är mycket glada över att Allente har utökat vårt partnerskap till att omfatta Canal Digital och Viasat Consumer. Vi ser fram emot att bredda vårt partnerskap i detta viktiga skede i Allentes resa, så att Allentes kunder upplever den konsekvent höga kvaliteten, vårt varumärkes-ambassadörskap och den kommersiella skicklighet som vi är kända för. Tillsammans kommer vi att fortsätta utveckla ett partnerskap som stärker kundupplevelsen i dagens och morgondagens TV- och bredbandslösningar ”, säger Victor Sundén, Chief Commercial Officer på Webhelp Nordic.

”Vi har mycket goda erfarenheter av att arbeta med Webhelp och är glada för att lägga till Canal Digital i vårt partnerskap. Webhelp kommer att kunna ge värdefull insikt och support för vår verksamhet under denna spännande fas för Allente, och vi kommer att fortsätta utveckla vårt partnerskap för att ge våra kunder förstklassig service i vårt utökade samarbete”, menar Victor Liljeroth, Sverigechef, Allente Nordic.


Victor Sundén
Chief Commercial Officer, Webhelp Nordic
Mobile: +46 70 032 20 04

Maja Wikman Ulrich
Corporate Communications & PR Director, Allente Nordic
Mobile: + 46 936 99 26 65


Webhelp named CXM Leader by Everest
Group for the second time in 2020

Following our positioning as a Global Leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) by the leading analyst, Everest Group, we have now been recognized as a Leader again in its CXM in EMEA Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020, rating high in terms of vision and capability.

This report is an objective recognition of Webhelp’s successful growth strategy, and our unique people-first, end-to-end approach with Skand Bhargava, Vice President, Everest Group saying:

“Webhelp is a leading CXM provider globally, especially in Europe, supported by a large multilingual workforce of more than 60,000 agents. With a focus on digital transformation, CX consulting, and customer journey orchestration, Webhelp has been able to drive exponential growth over the last few years,”

He continues “Further, its deep digital and domain expertise, outcome-focused approach, and strong leadership have allowed it to resiliently navigate the uncertainties created by COVID-19 and continue on its growth journey.”

This result builds on our strong track record in analyst rankings and assessments, and our second year as a Leader in the PEAK Matrix, with Everest Group specifically highlighting our strong coverage in major industry verticals, our geographical delivery footprint, and the value delivered to our clients.

Everest Group defines Leaders as companies that deliver consistent Customer Experience Management (CXM) Services through expansion in new regions, serving various buyer sizes, and delivering high satisfaction scores due to greater technological and advanced digital capabilities.

For this EMEA edition, Everest Group selected 21 organizations to evaluate and compare for their 2020 report based upon the service provider’s market success, vision and strategy, service focus and capabilities, digital and technological solutions, domain investments, and buyer feedback.

Webhelp Confirming End of Operations in Kaunas, Lithuania

STOCKHOLM, October 13th, 2020 Global customer experience company Webhelp confirms their closure of its operational site in Kaunas, Lithuania by the end of this year. The ramp down of Webhelp’s activity in Lithuania is linked to a strongly reduced demand in the global travel industry, on which the Kaunas team focuses, and will happen gradually from now until the end of 2020. The tenured Webhelp team serves various clients at the international level in the areas of customer service, finance and data/fraud protection. Each employee speaks and writes two or more languages. Services provided from the Kaunas office are in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian and English languages. Webhelp is very thankful for the loyalty and support of its experienced team in Lithuania and is working together with Webhelp’s international locations,  the local government, and other parties to assist their people in the transition to the next phase of their career. For questions, please reach out to: Janis Misans MD Webhelp Latvia and Lithuania janis.misans@webhelp.com Phone: +371 27824787 Terje Andreassen CEO Webhelp Nordic terje.andreassen@webhelp.com Phone: +46 70 226 42 85

OneShot Influence

Influence- New edition of the OneShot

Our 5th edition of OneShot is here! We hope you will enjoy reading about this wide theme, so deeply rooted in our everyday life.

So what have you learned from the crisis? Many attests to the irony of social distancing strengthening bonds and communications between colleagues. At the heart of this new dynamic, digital relationships have Intensified, and digital technology has played a very significant role.

The health and economic crisis is forcing us to focus on the immediate future. Nonetheless brands shouldn’t lose sight of other changes in society. Old power – no business will survive if it’s purely based on old power values: formal and centralised governance, a secretive mindset, the elitism of experts. People no longer trust authority, the bedrock of old powers. They want to act, to participate and to learn. New Power – requires brands to focus more on flat hierarchies and complete transparency.

Did you know that just behind WhatsApp, TikTok is the second-most downloaded non-gaming app in the world? And when compared to Instagram, the engagement rate is much higher? With millions of subscribers and a wide fan base, you should definitely check it out if your target audience is on TikTok.

Read all about these exciting and thought-provoking topics and more, in our latest edition of OneShot.

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