Your life in a fascinating city

According to many reputable sources, Barcelona is ranked as one of the most liveable and desirable cities in the world. Here you can experience everything to your heart’s content – beach culture, hiking, picturesque neighbourhoods, lively coffee shops and terraces, water sports and outdoor activities.

Combine these with the lively social scene, art centres, old churches, incredible museums, football matches, fashion shows, music festivals and concerts, and it’s clear this is a city that has it all.

Barcelona and Madrid are Spain’s primary airports, which are some of the busiest in Europe. So, the world is your oyster because you can travel everywhere from here. It feels as though the entire continent lies at your doorstep!

But what locals love the most about the city is the feeling that everything is possible – rewarding careers, meeting people that will become lifetime friends or partners, staying active and enjoying life to the fullest.

Oh, yes, Barcelona is also Antoni Gaudí’s legacy masterpiece!

Working in Barcelona

As one of the most cosmopolitan cities, balmy Barcelona attracts many foreign businesses. Natives and expats alike find jobs in tourism, banking, outsourcing services and IT. That is why companies like Webhelp can bring qualified talent in the city from other regions of Spain as well as other countries.
You’ll work in a dynamic place alongside colleagues who chose an exciting career and a rewarding lifestyle. With modern transportation and infrastructure, getting to the office feels like a walk in the park – sometimes literally.

Opportunities for you in Barcelona

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